Monday, July 18, 2011

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Last Easter when I was baking buns, I was using a lot of Guinness. I still had a few bottles left over and wondered what I would do with them (I don't really like Guinness/beer so drinking them wasn't an option). I came across this Chocolate Stout Cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen and vowed to make it. Since then, I've been distracted. However, I had to bake a VERY late Easter bun and so I needed something to do with with the leftover Guinness.

This was that something.

I didn't use the chocolate ganache or use the frosting I saw other persons use. But I did use a chocolate Guinness sauce that I found at Recipe Girl.

It is simply delicious! And moist! Bursting with flavour. Guinness and chocolate were made for each other. I was licking the sauce from the pan. And it's taking a lot out of me to not go get another slice of that cake right now.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nobody Canna Cross It

If you're Jamaican and not living under a rock, you have heard of Nobody Canna Cross It.

First it started with this news item.

Which led to this music video.

And now it has led to everyone saying "nobody canna cross it," "di bus can swim" and all variations. Some are even wearing t-shirts. If you are interested in a t-shirt, I have created a few and they are being sold here.

Things Jamaicans Say